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If you are on a strata council or are a property manager, PTX Electric can help you with your electrical needs. Our professional electrical contractors are knowledgeable, and passionate about helping stratified properties save money on their electrical while keeping their tenants safe and satisfied. Our electricians have decades of experience in the Vancouver area with all types of electrical issues such as panel upgrades, rewiring, electrical installations. We understand strata councils and property managers are looking for a fast, efficient and cost-effective electrician that can be their partners.

There is no project too large or too small, and we are always eager to answer your electrical questions. Some of the most rewarding projects allows us to help property mangers by improving the quality of life of the tenants –whether its residential or commercial – by upgrading their buildings’ electrical. From lighting upgrades and adding new electrical services to general electrical maintenance and tenant improvements, the experts at PTX Electric are here to help with all of your strata electrical services.

Electrical Improvements for Property Managers

Keeping your electrical systems and lights up to date is essential for keeping your building safe but it also does wonders for tenant happiness and retention. Whether you are aiming for overarching tenant improvements in every unit or seeking out lighting upgrades in common areas, we have you covered. Having modern electrical can be the difference between a unit being rented or stay vacant. No matter the size of the project, the PTX Electric contractors are always eager to help improve the lighting and electrical situation in your strata complex.

Stratas in Greater Vancouver

Apartments, office, and commercial space are a dime a dozen in Greater Vancouver, and updating your units is essential if you want to stay competitive in the rental market so you can charge premium rent, maximizing your investment. From panel upgrades to rewiring to staying ahead of the curve to keep your building modern, our electrical contractors can help you with your electrical needs.

From maintenance to installation, small homes to large businesses, PTX Electric handles all types of electrical projects. While our experts have seen it all, some of our favourite projects involve working with strata buildings around the Vancouver area. If you are in need of an electrical team for your strata building, waste no time and give our electricians a call so we can help you with all your electrical needs.

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