In this blog post, we’ll review 5 ways electricians can help increase your property value in Vancouver. When it comes to selling your home, you will want to make sure you get maximum value for it. However complete renovations can be expensive but thankfully there are minor upgrades you can do that can dramatically increase your home’s value.

One of the most important (but often overlooked aspects) of your home is the condition of your electrical. Whether it is changing the lighting, maintaining temperature, entertainment, upgrading the technology, electrical is one of the things that can cause a bidding war.

Here, I am sharing 5 ways you can easily increase your home’s property value and can get as much cash as possible.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting plays the most important role to provide a comfortable, homely atmosphere. It automatically makes every area in your home attractive and comfortable. It will improve your mood and fill with the space with a warm positive energy. Upgrading to LED lighting for a proper illumination in a home and, under-cabinet lighting in order to produce localized lighting in work place, outdoor landscape lighting for outdoor illumination and this will easily increase the value of your home.

Fan Installation

Ventilation is another important aspect in a home, especially in summer, we want to just lay on the couch or bed under fan to cool off. A high-quality fan can easily rotate the fresh air in your home. Ceiling fans should be repaired and upgraded before you sell your home. Ceiling fans are the best to maintain temperatures and it will also reduce the electricity bill of air conditioner. Despite all of these fans are now available in various sizes and shapes, with amazing designs that can beautifully goes with your interior designs and colour. It will be a nice idea to put fans in high traffic areas of your home. Your future homeowner will surely thank you for the extra ceiling fans and will surely pay you accordingly(more).

Upgraded Surge Protection

The cost of a power surge can be huge — especially for those who lose irreplaceable digital photos, work documents, or, worst case, experience a home electrical fire.

In fact, electrical receptacles are involved in 5,300 fires every year, causing forty deaths and more than 100 consumer injuries, according to The Electrical Safety Foundation International, a non-profit organization that promotes fire safety.

Luckily, a surge protection device can help to prevent electrical fires by disengaging power to the outlet when it senses a disruption or fluctuation in voltage.

But the good news is that the right surge protection system can keep your electronics and home safe in the future. In fact, there are several benefits to adding or upgrading your surge protection to your home.

You may know all too well that power surges can ruin items plugged into your outlets, but how does it work exactly? When the power that runs through your home experiences a brief spike or a surge in voltage, this excess of current sends a shock to that outlet and “overloads” it.

Electrical surges work in mysterious ways. Sometimes they will fry all the devices connected to that one outlet or affect a series of outlets in your home. In some cases, this overload only weakens connected devices— depleting their lifespan. While your computer may seem fine afterward a power surge, the damage may have still occurred internally, shaving it’s life-expectancy down to three. Other times, the surge can cause irreparable damage, rendering your technology completely useless.

Change Your Switches and Outlets

Switches and outlets should be examined carefully and change it if your home is old. It can easily pass the current and lead to danger to the people of the home. New or well-working switches and outlets is important for safety issues.  It will easily prevent you from dangerous accidents.

Electricity fire, short circuits and currents can lead to danger. It is very common that no one will ever want this to happen to them or to their loved ones. Upgrading the electrical appliances in your home will attract the attention directly towards the safety you provide in your property. They should find satisfaction while dealing for your property.

Upgrade Your Electrical panel

The electrical panel performs like the circulatory system of a human body for the property. It decides where the electricity should go and from which wire. So, it should be effective and well designed to work efficiently and safely as per your need. It is very important to check and change your electrical panel. It is okay to not change panel if your home is new but, if you are living in an older home or you are trying to sell it or rent it, it is necessary to change it.

The ripped wires can easily cause damage to your electrical appliances and can lead to dangerous accidents to the people in the home. An electrical fire can easily be caused by damaged wires. The electrical panel in your home should have the ability to work according to your electrical need. A good professional electrician will guide you to have a safe and long-lasting electrical service in your home’s property.  

If you want to know more about upgrading your electrical panel please read Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Final words

Electricity is one of the important needs in a home to ensure it is a comfortable space. When people search for a new home, they require a safe electrical system and are usually willing to pay top dollar when it has been upgraded. But please do not try to perform any of the electrical work by your own.

Always contact a professional and an experienced electrician to help you out with your electrical work. A qualified electrical will give you the best ideas and advice for a good and safe home. The money you will spend in repairing and upgrading your electrical things in your home is not a waste but a wise investment. It will surely pay you back when you sell your home.  

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