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PTX Electric in Burnaby

Our qualified team of electricians provides a full range of electrical services in Burnaby and surrounding areas.

PTX Electric is a licensed and insured electrical contractor for commercial, residential, property managers, general contractors and restoration companies. Our motto is different by integrity and we stand by it! With 24 hour service, we guarantee we will be on your doorstep within 72 hours of you contacting us. No other electrician makes that promise!

Why Hire A Burnaby Electrician

You like to fix everything at home, and you’ve got the entire weekend to do it. But this time, you’re looking at tinkering with the electrical system; the circuit breaker might be tripping too often, there’s a busted outlet, and the list goes on.

As much as you’d like to do things yourself, you’d probably be better off hiring a professional
Burnaby electrician instead.

The complexities of an electrical system don’t work in your favour.

It’s composed of wires carrying alternating current (AC), while some devices like light fixtures, appliances and outlets use direct current (DC). It’s really complicated to make sense of all the circuitry involved, which explains why it often takes years of training and schooling to become an electrician.

Only certified electricians are licensed to work on the electrical systems in your Burnaby home.

They’re trained to identify potential hazards and know how to correct problems without making things worse for you while reducing safety risks.

If you’re still on the fence about hiring a qualified electrician, these reasons should change your

Unsafe electrical installations and repairs cause fires and electrocutions

Your lack of education in safety standards ultimately endangers you and your family. Many things are involved in electrical work, like knowing how to deal with equipment that carries high-voltage currents. The cost of hiring an electrician is far less than the cost of your life.

It’s tricky to diagnose common electrical problems

There are many types of issues that can crop up in electrical systems, including blown fuses, faulty wiring, broken switches, and sockets, among

It takes the trained eye of an electrician to spot these problems before they get more complicated.

Not all Burnaby electrical problems can wait

You’ll never know when an electrical emergency will happen. A licensed electrician is just a phone call away, even if it’s the middle of the night or
a holiday.

They’re also available to answer any questions you have about your service and equipment warranties after a repair job has been completed. The best part is, you’ll get a free quote before work starts.

Repairs may cost more than buying new equipment

New appliances and fixtures often come with warranties, but the coverage does not cover electrical problems. They also do not include any
installation expenses so hiring an electrician is truly cheaper in the long run.

So, if you got yourself a new appliance, heater, or air conditioning unit, call an electrician to handle the setup on your behalf.

It’s better this way because you aren’t experienced enough to know the right wire gauge and circuit breaker capacity or how to ground your new equipment.

Professional Burnaby electricians know safety codes

 The safety of your home and loved ones depends on the precautions taken while performing electrical work.

Only certified Burnaby electricians are knowledgeable about all provincial, national, and local codes that govern your area’s installations because they’re updated every so often.

The same goes for any warranties you have from manufacturers.

You can’t be certain what kind of wiring is behind your walls

Unless you’ve had previous electrical work done in your Burnaby home, it will be difficult for you to identify the type of wiring that’s behind the walls.

Even if labels are on them, they’re not always
reliable because they may no longer be accurate. Your electrician can tell what kind of circuitry you have installed and whether it’s still safe to use.

Working with a Burnaby electrician saves time

You can spend your entire weekend wiring, or you can hire an electrician to do the work for you. The latter is, of course, the more convenient choice. What’s great about working with certified professionals is that they’re knowledgeable enough to get the job done in just one visit. On the other hand, you may not even solve a simple electrical puzzle over time.

Burnaby Electricians are knowledgable 

You may think that electrical issues are easily diagnosed and tackled by an amateur. Well, you’re mistaken.

Even the most straightforward electrical problems can be difficult to solve if you don’t have the right training or haven’t handled it previously.

There’s wiring on the roof of your house, and there’s circuitry in every room, which means you’ll need an electrician with experience to help if something goes amiss.

All Burnaby electrical repairs are not created equal

Small problems may snowball into major issues because of old circuitry or faulty wiring. You’ll save yourself a headache by hiring an electrician who can handle any problem, big or small, efficiently and quickly.

Find a Qualified Burnaby Electrician  Contractor Today

Don’t let electrical problems in your Burnaby home get out of hand. Choose a qualified and licensed electrical contractor even for simple tasks. In Canada, electricians must be certified by the provincial or territorial government to practice their profession. Also, make sure to get a quote before any work begins because electrical repairs can sometimes cost more than you expected.

There’s always the option of hiring an unlicensed electrician or even a handyman, but don’t be consumed by the idea of paying for a lower rate. Electrical work is always dangerous, which is why electricians must secure a license before they can
handle any electrical project.

If you’re working with an unlicensed contractor, there’s a chance they may not be insured to do the job, so hiring them can cause problems later.

So, a qualified contractor is your only solution for getting trusted and professional electrical work done in your Burnaby residence.

Why Hire PTX Electric?

AT PTX Electric, our electricians always show up at the job site when we say we will be there! It’s unfortunate that in our industry that’s not always the case!

We are helpful, knowledgeable and our problem-solving skills ensure that no matter what the problem is, we can help fix it. If it goes beyond electrical, we have a group of preferred partners that we can call to get it dealt with immediately.

We are different by integrity which means everything we do is to the highest professional standard. PTX Electric stands behind our work.

Our electricians in Vancouver work in harmony, completing the work in a timely manner, as promised, and always done right!

Providing consistent, high-quality craftsmanship is what we do best. We treat each project with the same amount of care and enthusiasm because we believe that every client deserves care and attention – and that is exactly what we give.

Whether we are completely wiring a new home, rewiring an older house, an apartment complex or installing a single lightbulb, we do it in a professional and timely manner.

Finding a Vancouver electrician that you can trust to do the job right is not easy so let PTX Electric put your mind at ease.

We stand firmly behind our promise to make your renovation project as pleasant as possible because we take pride in earning our clients’ trust.


The PTX Electric team is passionate about every aspect of the electrical trade and enjoys finding solutions for your electrical problems. From residential to commercial, electrical lighting and power to low voltage, lighting control to automation, the PTX Electric team will exceed the expectations on your upcoming project.

We have a guaranteed 3-day turnaround, meaning, no matter what, we will be on your doorsteps, within 72 hours of you contacting us. No waiting around, no uncertainty, no frustration. We get the project done on time and within budget. Try it! Give us a call.