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If you are looking for a qualified, trustworthy commercial electrician for a specific home project or service, give PTX Electric a call. PTX Electric is a licensed and insured electrical contractor based centrally in Coquitlam for commercial, residential, property managers, general contractors and restoration companies. With 24-hour service, we guarantee we will be on your doorstep within 72 hours of you contacting us. No other electrician makes that promise!

Unlike our competitors, we ensure that you have all the information to make an informed decision and know the exact cost without any surprises. We are happy to drop by for a visual inspection so we have a good idea of what the issue is or what your plans are. We then take that information into account when we give you a detailed proposal so you understand all aspects of work and a breakdown of costs.

Request a Commercial Electrician Expert

We realize the decision may take some time and get a thorough understanding of what we are offering or what is involved. We are confident that after meeting with one of our experienced commercial electricians and seeing how we do business, you will choose PTX Electric for your project. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers, which is why so many trust us as their commercial electrical contractors.

Our service calls for electrical troubles include a specialized residential electrician arriving at your home, assessing the problem, and having an open and honest conversation relating to a solution for the problem, plus associated costs.

How Can PTX Help?

PTX Electric can help you make the best electrical decisions regardless of whether it’s a new project or fixing some old wiring.

Electricity can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re dealing with and so it’s always better to call an electrician, even if it’s for advice. Most people don’t realize the complexity of modern-day wiring in their home and so when they try to do it themselves, they often make things worse.

We can handle all types of commercial electrical repairs and installations with safety and diligence so that you don’t have to worry.

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5 Signs That Your Office May Need a Commercial Electrician

Recurring electrical issues in the office signify that you need to phone a commercial electrician right away. Some of these issues are so common, and it's easy to assume there isn't a problem. However, you need to acknowledge that even the most minor glitch in the electrical system in a commercial setting could prove to be extremely dangerous.

You're responsible for the safety of everyone in your commercial space, and the last thing you want is an accident that could have been easily prevented.

So, here are the five signs indicative of the need to call a commercial electrician:

1 – The circuit breaker frequently trips.

When you flip the circuit breaker back, but it trips again shortly after, rather than assuming the issue is simply an overloaded circuit, you should call a qualified electrician. Even if you don't experience power outages due to tripped breakers, other signs indicate problems with your wiring or electrical equipment.

Why Call a Commercial Electrician: This isn't a DIY type of job. Even if you have some background or skills in handling electrical systems, the fact that the problem is in a commercial setting means you're dealing with expensive equipment and carries a high risk for a disaster, i.e., severe injury and property damage.

2 – Lights flicker or work improperly.

Another sign of faulty wiring or electrical issues in your commercial space is lighting flickering or blinking when they aren't supposed to be on at all, which can indicate an issue with the electrical connection. It could also be lights working improperly, as in a lightbulb not turning on or off when it should. In other words, the issue isn't with the bulb itself but rather with the connection to that fixture.

Why Call a Commercial Electrician: A commercial electrician will determine why lights or other electrical fixtures are malfunctioning. A handyman or utility staff doesn't have the experience or the skills to determine if the problem requires a simple repair or total rewiring.

3 – Some electrical outlets feel hot to the touch.

When the electrical outlets in your commercial space feel hot to the touch, it could be a sign of serious problems. Outlets that are warm to the touch could lead to overheating and fire. This is especially true if the outlets are located near flammable objects, such as curtains or boxes.

If you're in a decades' old office building, it's possible that a higher capacity variant replaced an old breaker. This could result in higher levels of current than the original circuit was built for.

Why Call a Commercial Electrician: Number one, you don't want to take any chances with your employees' safety. Number two, this issue could pose a danger of fire. A commercial electrician understands the dangers and knows how to address them.

4 – The lights flicker when machinery or appliances are on.

When the lights in your commercial space flicker on and off when the machinery of any sort is turned on, it's a sign of more than just an overloaded circuit or bad wiring. It's possible that the wiring in your space is not compatible with whatever machinery or appliances were installed. Or worse, the wiring has been tampered with to accommodate the additions.

Why Call a Commercial Electrician: You don't want to risk damaging sensitive equipment, especially when the issue could be resolved simply by updating your wiring. A commercial electrician is aware of the necessary precautions and procedures to take when working around sensitive equipment.

5 – There's a burning smell somewhere.

If there's a strong burning odour coming from some area of your commercial space, whether it's near the electrical panel or in some other part of the building, you should ask for help immediately. Whether this burning odour is accompanied by sparks or not, turn off power sources to prevent a fire and call a professional right away.

Don't get used to the smell as it could indicate a serious fire hazard. Even if you're not in the same room as the source of smoke, it doesn't mean that your building is safe from danger. Exposed wiring can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and other problems, so don't take any chances.

Why Call a Commercial Electrician: Wiring issues can result in a fire hazard, a shock or electrocution risk, or even carbon monoxide leakage. A commercial electrician knows how to inspect and address wiring issues safely. As much as you want to save money by delegating the job to your resident electrician or handyman, you can't put your employees at risk. Don't depend on anyone untrained to do a job as serious as electrical repair work.

Importance of Commercial Electrical System Maintenance

Commercial electrical systems are not as simple as residential ones. The difference in use, applications, environment, and equipment dictate the complexity of commercial electrical systems.

Commercial buildings have more unpredictable demands on the system due to their open nature, constant comings and goings, daily commotion, and night activities. This makes it critical for building owners to recognize that the reliability of their facilities is as important as its functionality.

The only way to secure the optimum performance of an electrical system in a commercial setting is to maintain it regularly. Maintenance requires periodic inspections and repair of broken or malfunctioning components by a qualified and experienced electrical contractor. It may cost you money, but it's a small price to pay for safe and reliable power.

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    What is the Role of a Commercial  Electrician?

    Modern society can't exist without electricity. With electrical systems in place, commercial establishments and industrial areas can operate at a higher capacity, which is a hundred times more demanding than residential settings.
    This means that electrical systems must be maintained and upgraded to deal with the demands of an expanding world. The role of a commercial electrician proves indispensable in this regard.
    Commercial electricians install, maintain, and repair the electrical systems of office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other commercial establishments or industrial settings. Here is a look at this profession from the perspective of an electrician:

    1 – Wiring and Electrical Unit Installation

    Before every building or commercial establishment can start functioning, electrical wiring has to be installed in order to bring power to the various functions of the business. Licensed and qualified electricians are responsible for this task. Any problem or failure is dangerous and could lead to power outages that affect business or office in more ways than one. A commercial electrical contractor is there to make sure that nothing of this sort happens.

    2 – Maintenance Services

    After installing wiring, commercial electricians are responsible for regularly keeping up with electrical systems maintenance. They do this by performing inspections to ensure that electrical components are free of any faults or damage that might lead to problems later down the line.
    Maintenance is just as critical as electrical repair and installation are. It's even more important because the lifespan of a faulty electrical system is pretty low and might lead to costly repairs or replacement. This can't happen all too frequently in a commercial or industrial setting, where electrical power is indispensable.

    3 – Commercial Electrical Inspection

    Commercial electricians are responsible for keeping the entire system up to the code. Part of this role is to check compliance with local and international building codes. Any discrepancy or error must be addressed in order to avoid fines from state authorities, which can lead to long-term business closures if not dealt with immediately.

    Inspections must be carried out every six months, and this is one of the many things that one expects from commercial electricians. Staff training and safety assessments are vital components as well.

    4 – Energy Efficiency Measures

    The world has been slowly shifting towards energy-efficient systems for quite some time now, so there's an increased demand for licensed electricians to take up these projects. Modern technology has led to more efficient electrical power sources, which doesn't mean they are cost-effective either.

    The role of a commercial electrician is now expanding to include energy efficiency measures that may reduce operating costs considerably. This includes upgrading lighting systems with LED lights, adding insulation in walls and attics to seal off heat leaks that increase utility costs, and installing solar panels to produce power less expensively than other sources.

    5 – Upgrading and New Commercial Installations

    A commercial structure or industrial complex needs constant upgrading and renovation over the years. This is important to maintain its original purpose or even expand its capacity with time. Commercial spaces are generally larger than residential units in many cases and come with specific electrical needs.

    Licensed commercial electricians carry out upgrades and new installations where needed. Part of the job is to ensure that these changes conform to local and international building codes, which are typically a lengthy process at times. Fortunately, commercial electricians get to work more quickly on most projects outside of this part of the role.

    6 – Testing and Verification

    In the modern world, you can't take anything for granted as far as safety goes. Regulations have made it a necessity for many aspects of our lives to be verified and tested before they are deemed safe enough to use by other people. Commercial electricians are no different in this regard. They need to complete inspections regularly to ensure that systems are working as they should.

    Moreover, testing and verification is a necessary measure that helps save lives and reduce the chances of injuries and fatalities in electrical emergencies. This is applied at all scales, and this task is not something commercial electricians will shy away from either.

    7 – Commercial Electrical Repair Services

    No matter how advanced, modern, or new the technology, all electrical systems will eventually need repair. Some will fail more quickly than others, but it's nearly impossible to get away without needing some form of service at one point or another, even in a commercial or industrial setting.

    The role of a commercial electrician does not end with installation and new projects. They also provide repair services when needed, and they can be part of their schedules, depending on the needs of their clients.

    8 – Planning

    Commercial electricians create electrical planning for new construction. They will assess the property and discuss any changes needed with the client before coming up with a plan for moving forward. The goal is to make sure commercial buildings function as desired without putting people at risk.

    The role of commercial electricians requires them to be well-versed in local and international building codes, safety assessments, and other related aspects of the property. Essentially, they're on a league of their own in terms of skills, training, and overall knowledge.

    Whenever you need to complete a project that involves handling electrical components and whole systems in a commercial or industrial area, you should reach out to a qualified commercial electrician for assistance.