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Are you in charge of a co-op housing or part of a co-op association that is need of electrical services? A co-op is a unique alternative to ownership and as such has it’s own special challenges. At PTX Electric, we specialize in providing electrical services for cooperative housing.

Electrical Work For Co-Ops

When it comes to co-ops, there are different ownership responsibilities to be aware of that helps us work more efficiently. The collective co-op association is responsible for the management of fees to cover building maintenance, property taxes, mortgages, and electrical needs. Given that every tenant is a shareholder, all members of the association get to vote on co-op rules and on how the building will be managed. Given this, we communicate in a way that is easy for the entire co-op to understand and make quick decisions.

For the administrative work, a co-op board is typically elected from those in the association wishing to volunteer. We can work with the board or the management companies who are often hired to aid the co-op with day-to-day decision-making.

How We Help Co-Ops

The first step we take is to do an electrical installation to check and confirm the safety of the unit. We will report to the board any danger of fire, water, or other liability that can cause severe damage to the building. At PTX, we are qualified registered electricians that carry out all the electrical work and make suggestions on any potential electrical issues that might need to be fixed in the future. We make sure any electrical work complies with B.C building regulations.

We recognize that planning is a very part of the process. We work in a way that works within your annual budget by ensuring that whatever upgrades are necessary are carefully thought out with a safety-first attitude. We cost the project that saves you money in the long term.

If you are a co-op then give PTX Electric a call. We are one of the few electricians in Greater Vancouver that specializes in cooperative housing and can address your needs to save you time and money.

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